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bespoke wood
designed & built 
to your tastes 


design-ready pieces, awaiting your customization

intimate design
& mindful building

At Raven Wood, we build-to-order in small batch production. My style leans on what I call "feminine-modern", not sterile modern, as texture-richness in my designs really gets me excited. We create with sustainable hardwoods sourced right here in Kansas City through our lumber suppliers.  


My vision has always been driven by creating timeless, long-lasting pieces that inspire through the ever-changing trends. This keeps quality products in the marketplace and cheap materials out of the landfill. A win, win!

Whether you are searching through my customizable portfolio, or wish for a one-of-a-kind piece to call your own, I am here with bells on to bring it all together.

"We loved working with Raven Wood to custom design a piece for our home. Such an amazing process to be a part of and her attention to small details was unmatched.

We are looking forward to the next Raven Wood piece for our home."

Nicci Wyels
owner, designer

Meet Nicci Wyels, owner & designer at Raven Wood Designs based in Kansas City. A handful of stain-covered years ago, she summoned up the courage to build a furniture business with quality and artistry as her kerosine.  


"I always knew that I would feel most inspired in a craft that utilized earthen materials. Just as I was about to make a leap into the world of ceramics, woodworking came into my life."

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