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This planter is the first in a line of products inspired by my romantic vision of the southwest. This 6-piece triangular pine planter comes with hand selected desert species. The modular triangles can be configured in endless shapes to allow your creativity to soar.  

I like to imagine a tale that takes place deep within the plateaus of the Rocky Mounts of Arizona. There lives a fragile yet mighty desert plant who leaf tips just barely touch the sun. Sunken in the crevasse he holds tightly to his only friend; a petrified anchor of bark.

👉🏼Local Purchase Only - Kansas City

Set Includes:
(6) Triangle Planters (6" x 6" x 3.5" tall) pre-planted with desert succulents

Care Instructions:
These baby plants seem like they want a ton of love, but they actually only want to be lightly watered (filtered water) 2x/mo. Indirect light. Drainage hole on bottom

Santa Fe Planter