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What does the program entail?

The program offers one-on-one co-design of exclusive private-labeled furniture for your brand. This program is so super unique, as I am also the manufacturer. With my business local to design and manufacture your goods all-in-one efficiency, quality and personal communication is at it's best for stocking and distribution. The program looks a little something like this... #1: You and I will discuss your needs and begin brainstorming your custom collection. #2: In our follow up meeting, we dive into the creative process of furniture design. (A follow-up meeting may be needed to finalize details) #3: My team starts production of your line and delivers to your showroom. #4: Access your password-protected profile ( Here you can: -easily order (in-store fulfillment or dropship orders) with clear lead times -complimentary, white background photos and in-progress shots for your marketing purposes -detailed product specs

Do you offer a dropship option?

Yes, we do! No need to stock physical products OR handle distribution. Raven Wood's production and manufacturing warehouse in Olathe, Ks can directly send orders to your customers at no additional cost to you. Your private online profile makes ordering for in-store and/or dropship quick and easy.

Do you have a minimum purchase amount?

There is no minimum for delivery to-store or dropshipping.

  • Local to-store delivery: will be handled, not shipped. A flat rate of $98 ground delivery will apply.
  • Out of state to-store and dropship: will be mailed ground with our partners at Freight Club. Shipping and handling will apply.

Where are your materials sourced from? What makes Raven Wood different?

Everything is designed and handcrafted by myself and my team in a state of the art 10,000 sq. ft. woodshop in Olathe, Kansas. I source all materials through partnerships with local lumber suppliers and utilize ground couriers to keep production intimately within the community and to ensure efficient lead times. Raven Wood stands for the luxury of raw materials and craftsman quality. Mass-made furniture from overseas with toxic and cheap materials make me cringe. I want your clients to have the opportunity to bring home something truly special, not something that a. requires assembly b. can be found anywhere.

Will my logo be on each piece of furniture?

Yes, I will be heat branding yours and my logo on every furniture piece. By co-branding, this allows Raven Wood to provide exposure to your new products/brand through my social media and press platforms. It’s a beautiful and mutual relationship of design and manufacturing.

Can I see the behind-the-scenes progress of my furniture?

Of course! Documenting the BTS is such a joy for me. You will find your build photos within your private client profile to use at your disclosure for marketing purposes.

How involved can I be during the process?

Designing furniture specifically for your distinct brand thrives when we co-design together. I know you will love playing in the space of furniture design and together. The process of designing (four) furniture pieces takes a maximum of (3) 1 hour design meetings.

What's the approximate retail price my pieces can go for?

Anywhere from $2,000-7,000 depending on furniture type. I will work hard to ensure that you receive at least a 52% margin for retail.

What percentage will I get from each sale?

You will purchase your custom line of furniture at wholesale price and are then free to mark it up at your own disclosure. There is no price capping on what you can charge. You do what works best for you and your business.

How many pieces can I co-design with you?

Up to 8 pieces/year. However you would like to group your pieces is up to you; for example;

  • (1) 8-piece collection or (2) 4-piece collections (great for seasonal lines)
  • Gradual; one piece at a time throughout the year

How do I order?

Your time is precious. I have streamlined the ordering to be fast and easy. Simply go to Click on "Private Label" Find your Brand and select "Order Products" Select the product and quantity you wish to order For In-store ordering, enter your address For dropship ordering, enter the client's address That's it! You will recieve email confirmation of the order, along with estimated delivery time. Easily view previous or pending orders through your member profile.

Can Raven Wood sell my designs to other retailers or individuals?

No! The designs that we co-created are exclusively for your brand. Raven Wood cannot manufacture, sell, or distribute your designs or physical products to any other brand, retailer or individual. It is important to me that your products are exclusive. When I create new designs for other brands, I make sure that the designs pass a 3-point differentation test to ensure that products remain unique and one-of-a-kind.

What are the costs of this program?

Each initial design that is ready to move to the production stage will be purchased by you at wholesale. The physical product will then be delivered to your showroom upon build completion, You now own the first of each design and can easily order additional quantitites through your member profile for in-store or to fullfill client orders.

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